• Gvision LAPTOP 3D PRINT SKIN FOR 15.6″

    The days of boring Laptops are gone. Buy our Self Adhesive Graffiti Street Art Doodle Laptop Skin India 15.6 inch for boys, girls and students and make your Laptop look much more unique and personalized. Makimus Designs’ laptop skin protects your device from dirt, minor scratches & dullness, increasing its life & re-sale value. It is compatible with laptop screen sizes ranging oF 15.6 inches. The skin is easy to install without leaving any gum or residue. It gives you and your device a unique look which is cool, stylish & personalized.

    Instructions for Installation: The laptop skin is compatible with laptop screen sizes ranging oF 15.6 inches. Trimming of the skin would be required as per your laptop size. Make sure your laptop is clean. Wipe it off with a soft cloth. The laptop should be free of dust particles, fat or grease – otherwise the laptop skin may not stick to your laptop as well as it is supposed to. Take the measurement of the application area. Trim the exact size before applying with a blade/scissors (minors should get help from adults/parents/guardian). Align the laptop skin on your laptop, take care that you put it on straight and in the exact position that you want to place it. Remove only one side of the liner from sheet, align to the applying surface and start attaching them slowly. Proceed carefully with the use of a clean cloth and/or a plastic card (i.e. ATM card) to assure no air bubbles remain until the liner is removed.

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