Gvision 3 In 4 Socket 2 In 4 Socket Extension Board

  • 10 ampere, 2500 watt rating; 100% pure brass bar inside; No wiring reduces risk of short-circuit
  • Suitable for most home appliances (such as rice cooker, fan, refrigerator, machine and other appliance)
  • 2 years warranty on product
  • Made of Polypropylene which is light-weight, fire-resistance and environment-friendly; same material as used to make hardside luggages
  • Tested for 10,000 cycles of on/off and 5,000 plug insertion cycles

Product Description

Bull is an international electrical devices provider dedicated to technological innovations. Our superb management system and innovative products in adapters and domestic power connection devices have provided our customers with a safe and comfortable environment for using electricity, thus improving life quality.

We have built an industry-leading R&D and design team to meet our customers? needs, of which we have done thorough investigations. Fully aware that raw materials affect the product quality, we have selected premium materials for each product for years. We have adopted stringent American and European quality assurance standards and systems, and each product has to go through over 300 tests before it is approved for marketing.

Bull has established an international standard laboratory that is officially certified by the US-based professional certification organization UL. After years of growth, its testing center has developed capabilities and methods that measure up to China?s and IEC standards for plugs, sockets and cables, and up to the standard testing requirements of 30 countries including the US, Japan, and European countries.

4 Socket + 4 Switch with LED Indicator

  • 10 A /2500 Watt Rating
  • 10,000 Cycles On/Off testing
  • 5,000 Cycles Insertion testing
  • 4 Universal Socket with Locking
  • 3M wire Length

Universal Socket for all your needs

  • Integrated Brass Bar, thickness is 0.5mm
  • High performance material Poly Carbonate which is tough and shock resistant.
  • High temperature resistant to prevent fire risk
  • Light in weight

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